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Coaching Benefits

Achieve success beyond your dreams

Increase satisfaction with life and work

Effective one-on-one coaching for foreign executive in Japan

Relate to a specialized coach with ongoing first hand experience of management in Japan

Benefits for Organization & Individual

The tasks of top executives are becoming increasingly complex within environments requiring frequent and continuous change.

Executive coaching helps top leaders to achieve personal satisfaction while they lead their organization to success beyond its current limits.

Benefits for Organization

Increased performance of top staff

Quicker adjustment to new functions

Increased top staff retention rate

Benefits for Individual

Increased personal success

Steeper learning curve in new functions

Increased satisfaction with work and life

Executive coaching can significantly increase the performance and personal success by supporting the top staff in finding better solutions, systems and behaviors for the issues at hand. Executive coaching reduces the time until leaders are productive in new positions by providing guidance and support in the difficult adjustment period resulting in a steeper learning curve. Executive coaching increases the retention rate among the top staff through the increased satisfaction with life and work.

Coaching Program

Presentation & Trial Session

In a corporate environment, the start of the coaching engagement is usually a short presentation and a trial session for the executive client. This allows both sides to find out if working together makes sense.

Coaching Contract Fixation

After the initial presentation, the details of the coaching engagement are agreed.

Initial In-Person Meeting

Coach and client meet for the first session in-person to establish the connection of mutual respect and trust.


Subsequent In-Person Sessions

Subsequent Telephone Sessions

Later, the coaching sessions follow entirely the client's needs with one session every week being most common, sometimes alternating between in-person and telephone sessions. For executives in new positions and in other especially critical situations, often an in-person session and a telephone session per week are combined.

Review and Evaluation

As all clients and situations are different, so are the coaching packages. However, as change requires time, we recommend starting with a commitment of three months. We use our C5-Coaching-Model that has shown great effectiveness and that we adapt using our first hand experience of the tasks and trials of executives in Japan to provide maximum benefit for you.

Emma Consulting C5 Coaching Model

We provide individually tailored one-on-one coaching sessions following our C5-Coaching-Model. This approach has proven to be very effective for our executive clients working in corporate environments because it allows our clients to reach new insights and to derive new action plans.






The base of our C5-Coaching-Model is a CONNECTION of mutual respect and trust. In this safe environment, the issues are CLARIFIED giving the client a better understanding of the issue and its relation to the whole. Assumptions and limiting beliefs regarding the issues and possible actions are CHALLENGED to provide new perspectives and deeper insights into the issue. With this more complete understanding, a new path of action is CREATED. At the end of each session, the client's satisfaction regarding the contents and structure of the session is CONFIRMED ensuring the effectiveness of the coaching sessions.

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