Emma Consulting Co.,Ltd was founded beginning of 2009. The name derives from the Japanese characters honesty and truth and the first character of the founders name. The motto "honesty and truth in daily business" is kept up by all our staff.

We support organizations and individuals on the two main points in the 21st century, human and environment. These two points can not be ignored by any organization and even individuals can profit from our support.

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Emma Trading Co., Ltd.

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Dr. Dirk Ebert / CEO

Dr. Ebert, originally from southern Germany, has a Master of Business and Engineering degree (Dipl.-Wi.-Ing.) from the university of Karlsruhe and a Doctor of Engineering degree (Dr.-Ing.) from the university of Kaiserslautern. He worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the university of Tokyo for one year. Dr. Ebert lives in Japan since end of 2003. Dr. Ebert worked as a representative director and president for the Japanese subsidiary of a German machinery company.

He continues to serve the company part time in that function. This gives him up-to-date and ongoing first-hand experience of the challenges his clients face while at the same time allowing him to be neutral and impartial.

Dr. Ebert joined Emma Consulting November 2009. In business representation, Dr. Ebert works with western companies, mainly from German speaking countries, that want to start or improve their business in Japan. For clients that have no organization in Japan yet, this means being the face of the client in Japan towards customers and dealers, to be the interface to the client’s headquarter and to support the client to make his organization and product fit for the Japanese market. This allows the client to “test the waters” at low overhead costs and thus to lay the ground for a successful operation in Japan. In executive coaching, Dr. Ebert works with leaders in Japan that are mainly from Western countries originally. He works together with them to overcome challenges in their professional and personal life to realize even greater success and satisfaction for them and their companies. Dr. Ebert came first into contact with coaching during his PhD studies both on the receiving side and as an informal coach for his own students and later for his team-members at different positions at western companies in Japan. He deepened his skills through coach training and now specializes in one-to-one coaching either by in-person meetings or by telephone.

Executive Coaching by Dr. Dirk Ebert.

Keiko Ebert / CEO

Keiko Ebert, originally from central Japan, has a Bachelor of Science degree in architecture from the Meijo University in Nagoya and a Master of Science degree in sustainable forestry and land-use management from the university of Freiburg in southern Germany. After returning to Japan end of 2003, Keiko Ebert has worked for a marketing and project management company in Tokyo managing projects in the area of ecological architecture, green renovation and environmentally compatible city planning in all areas of Japan. Keiko Ebert founded Emma Consulting beginning of 2009 to support companies, non-profit organizations and the government in the improvement of the complete value chain from forestry via wood production to architecture.

Wood-related Consulting by Keiko Ebert.

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